lundi 1 juin 2015

How to build digital storyboarding integrating web 2.0 Tools

 Launching the blended learning training
How to build digital storyboard integrating web 2.0 tools

For this first edition, the web 2.0 training for trainers will be organised under the hybrid form, (a mixt of face to face and online training) and a collaborative way. 

This will be a collaborative learning experience The aim of the training is “In order to build an online course, you must have experienced it beforehand !” 

The “training space” will be offering different web 2.0 tools and learning management platform (Google +, Google Drive and Pearltrees). 

You can consult Online resources in order to transmit and receive knowledge. Share knowledge as well as exchange ideas with each other, create new knowledge, and share it with the Community. 

To access on the course material with adobe connect, click on the link 

During this training, we offer:

• Online training
• Advance at your own pace exploring different learning resource
• Online learning: managing your own learning!
• Interactions within a community of participants before the face to face training

Learning outcomes at the end of training:

Following the training of trainers 2.0, you will be able to gather knowledge relating to the E Learning market, identify a teaching method combining pedagogy 2.0, and E-learning tools, to experience new interactive ways with your trainees, and redefine your profession by developing an educational online and hybrid strategy

In addition, you become the actor of a hybrid training and this is the opportunity for you to experiment this approach during this training period: the spirit of 2.0!

Specifically, your training space will address 5 training sequences: 

1. Training within the digital world 
2. E-learning; why and how? 
3. E-Learning tools, 
4. Interactions and tutorial 
5. Storyboarding and online activities

These sequences will include course materials on Google Drive and resources on Pearltrees.And, unlike conventional vocational trainings in continuing education, there will be tutorials, specific support.  

This tutorial will be face to face and Online to ensure a smooth operation of the training.

An interactive community
It is indeed the community of training (participants and facilitator) who will support a dynamic interactive training, which will ensure the support, the sharing of practices and debates.

Some will come to see or to observe, others will share their practices, some will be facilitators, others will have technology-enhanced learning.

Or other will satisfy their eagerness for knowledge. This is how we see the section "knowledge sharing and networking"

And what roles will each participant have?

More specifically still, the participants will be both actors in their training and training facilitators.


The training will start in June 2015 and will end in July 2015 (Online). The launch will be via an email giving you an access to the central platform on Google Drive and access to Google+. The start of the training will be announced on the Google + community that will reflect your exchanges during this training.

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